Affordable Travel Guide to Air Pacific Airlines

Flying the Friendly Skies of Fiji

Air Pacific Airlines

A flight from bustling Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia’s east coast, to the Fiji islands, will take about four hours; along with other island archipelagos in the South Pacific, Fiji has no major cities nearby. Resting 2,000 km (1,200 miles) north of the northern island of New Zealand, Fiji is accessed most easily by air, and Fiji air travel has been, for 60 years, undertaken by Air Pacific airlines.

New Name, New Look

Known as the national airline of Fiji, Air Pacific’s new name (as of March 2013) is Fiji Airways. It comes with new tail-wing graphics that resonate the history of the Fiji culture, but maintains the famous friendly service of the cabin crews, and the free meals and drinks (almost unheard of in commercial aircraft these days). Part of the new Fiji Airways is a fleet of Airbus 330-200 planes that are comfortably wide-bodied, fuel-efficient and propelled by low-carbon, reliable Rolls Royce engines.

Business class, known as “Tabua Class”, and economy class (Pacific Voyager) will also stay the same under Air Pacific’s new moniker. Air Pacific, and now Fiji Airways, prides itself on consummate in-flight service, a real benefit when you realize that four hours is one of the airline’s shortest major international flights outside of the South Pacific groups of islands. It also offers connecting flights and cooperative partnerships with some of the world’s major airlines, giving it access to destinations out of the range of its own fleet.

Scope of Flight Destinations

Founded by famed navigator, Harold George Gatty, who flew with Wiley Post, the American pilot who made the first solo flight around the globe, experienced Air Pacific has flown continuously for six decades and now flies daily between Suva, Fiji, and these destinations:

  • Auckland, new Zealand (north island)
  • Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (east coast)
  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (southeast coast)

Additional flights offer regular, but not necessarily daily, service to:

  • Hong Kong (China)
  • Los Angeles (U.S.A.)
  • Melbourne (Australia)
  • Christchurch (New Zealand)
  • Honolulu (Hawaii, U.S.A.)

Local Flights

Air Pacific/Fiji Airways flies shorter junkets between areas in its neck of the South Pacific, such as these island-based locales:

  • Apia (Samoa)
  • Nadi (part of Fiji)
  • Port Villa (Vanuatu)
  • Funafuti (Tuvalu)
  • Nuku’alofa (Tonga)
  • Tarawa Atoll (Republic of Kiribati)
  • Honiara (Solomon Islands)

Air Pacific Deals

Long-haul flights tend to be costly, but Air Pacific/Fiji Airways offers cheap airline tickets through several discount flight plans, and a loyalty rewards program. Check out the deeply discounted “Get Packing” option for the cheapest flights available on Pacific Air/Fiji Airlines. You’ll find other fare discounts through the airline’s Bula Plus flexi-fare system.

Whether you’re heading out on a photo-safari, a writing retreat, a business trip or a tropical vacation, Air Pacific is your South Pacific expert airline. Its new life as Fiji Airways promises to be as good, if not better, with great deals on airline tickets, and the tradition of superlative service in the sky.

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