Affordable Travel Guide to Protecting Yourself While Traveling

Being Responsible for Your Welfare when Traveling

Protecting Yourself While Traveling

We live in a society that likes to blame outwardly for what goes wrong, but ultimately, no matter how much we place blame elsewhere, we know that we are the ones responsible for what happens to us (mostly; there are exceptions). What can you do in order to protect yourself from possible illness, accidents, theft, injury or other perils while on a vacation or business trip?

There are several things you can do to ensure the least risk is involved in your travels, among those:

• Ensure that your personal ID and travel documents are in order and that you have photocopies of all of them in a safe place back at home.

• Be unremarkable when you travel; keep that expensive watch or wads of cash hidden from general view.

• Locate the nearest emergency exit.

• If you are traveling alone, look through the group of fellow travelers and try to make contact with someone like you.

• This might sound simple, but: wear sunscreen and bug spray. Practical, but often over-looked!

• Be careful where you go at night.

• Don’t reveal any personal details about yourself.

• Never ever leave a drink unattended; take it to the washroom with you if you must.

• If at all possible, do your banking inside at bank, not at an ATM.

• Lock your hotel room door. Seriously. We know people who were robbed because their door wasn’t locked.

• Create a travel itinerary with contact numbers and addresses and give it to someone who is not traveling with you’ check in with them periodically while you are away.

• Be smart.

Unlike basic travel safety and security, your personal well-being is mostly up to you. Prepare thoroughly, keep your wits about you at all times, and keep your vulnerability in check. Read the articles that we post in this section and arm yourself with sensibility. By following our ideas and advice, you can have a terrific vacation and come back unscathed to tell about it!

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