Affordable Travel Guide to Travel Agent Savvy

When to use a travel agent to book your trip

Travel Agent Savvy

Most people these days book their travel on-line; that’s fine for the trips you take regularly to visit friends, stay at a favorite resort or engage in your normal pattern of business, but may not work so well when you’re traveling somewhere new, exotic or otherwise different.

Travel agents are not only educated in the booking of travel, they have inside information about some of the best deals and because they are flown around the world to check out airlines and vacation sites, many of them have been to where you are going and can offer first-hand knowledge.

Always consult a travel agent, even if they charge a small fee (it’s worth every cent!), before planning any of the following trips:

  • somewhere you have never been and don’t know anyone who has been there
  • anywhere that involves multiple components, such as half your time in a city and half at a resort in the same country
  • when there are a number of people, more than two, in your travel party, especially when traveling with children
  • if you are going to exotic or possibly dangerous locations
  • if you are traveling to countries that have any risk, like disease or internal political strife
  • if you are going to a place that likely does not speak the language you do
  • if you don’t know where you want to go

A travel agent knows what to recommend for vacationers and business travelers, especially those who are not seasoned. On-line travel sites contain lots of information, but it may not be specific enough for your purposes; a travel agent can answer your questions and steer you to the best destination for your needs, and often to the best deals. A lot has changed in the realm of booking travel in the last decade, but do-it-yourself isn’t always the best way to go.

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