Affordable Travel Guide to Cheap Cruise Deals

How to Get the Best Deal on a Cruise

Cheap Cruise Deals

Ah, knowledge. It’s dangerous. If you don’t have it, you won’t know, but if you approach the world of cruise vacations with a little insider knowledge, you’re in the driver’s seat (or maybe at the captain’s table). So, let’s figure this out. How many people do you know who have gone on cruises? Lots, right? It’s a seriously popular form of vacation, takes you about as far away from the norm as you can get. Sort of like forced relaxation. Have any of those people ever told you their cruise was cancelled? No! And that’s all the knowledge you need to get the cheapest cruises around.

Knowing that a cruise ship is going to depart port whether it’s full of half empty gives you perfect bargaining power and can get your cruising at discounts as much as 90% of rack rate. Really! Why?

On the basis that have ship will sail, you know that unsold cabins at the time of departure are empty (read: zero revenue for the cruise line). Obviously, it’s better to get something for a cabin than nothing, so the cruise discounts commence. The closer to the time the ship sets sail, the deeper the discount.

Even though you may be paying next to nothing for your accommodations, and depending on the type of cruise, not much for your meals either, drinks are commonly not included, and neither are tips, so at the very least the cruise line will get your bar revenue and their staff will be happy because the got tipped (trust us, the appeal of working on a cruise ship wears off very fast because of the limited surroundings).

The other reason cruises want to fill up those empty cabins isn’t just about profits, but image. Passengers expect to enjoy socializing when they take cruises, and if the ship has too few passengers it restricts the enjoyment overall.

Cruise lines are like any other business; they want you to purchase at the full rate, so they don’t exactly advertise 90% off on their websites, brochures or though their dedicated travel agents. That would certainly tick off customers who planned in advance and bout their cruises at full price. Enter the third-party agency.

How can you locate a third-party agency that sells of cruises at deep discounts? Search the internet for third-party cruise sales, and if you can find much, then go directly to They are pretty much the leader of the pack, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only source and you are always smart to shop around for other options.

You’ll find your best opportunities for cheap cruise deals by doing the following:

  • check third-party cruise booking websites regularly
  • be flexible with the dates you want to travel, and be prepared to change your dates at a moments notice if the right deal turns up
  • also be flexible about your desired ports of call
  • and be flexible about the length of cruise you want
  • don’t count on getting the best cabin on the ship
  • ensure your passport is current!
  • be packed an ready to go in a jiff

If you follow these procedures and tips, you, to, armed with your new knowledge, can get huge discounts on cruises, from Caribbean cruises, to the Mediterranean and hundreds of other ports. Just add water!

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