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Eco Travel

Eco travel; the words evoke an image of bearded, long-haired backpackers scaling a sacred hillside inside of a rare moth. And that certainly can be a part of eco travel. Contemporary eco travelers are often young urban professionals with a conscience. From their busy lives and little amount of vacation time, they want something that transports them to another world, and where they can make a difference.

Time was that eco travel was an integral part of, for example, a trip to Kathmandu in Nepal, to the foot of Mount Everest, from which a hardy traveler could ascend the mountain, as an option. But the goal-setting go-getters have, in recent years, shifted their view of this locale to be little more than a challenge which they must overcome (or die trying, which many have). The site is now littered with trash and all we can hope is that a future generation of eco travelers will restore it.

Eco tourism, ironically, a rapidly growing sector of tourism, focuses on small groups and natural destinations where few have trod. There are limited, if any, conveniences, and most travelers pack or rent camping gear. The exception is cruise-based ecotourism.

Classic Examples of Eco Travel Locations

The basis of eco travel is within nature, but its greatest force lies in the bounds of fragile places, be that in flora or fauna, or for other reasons. Here are some examples of eco travel spots that might inspire you to go, to learn, to benefit and to leave without doing harm and taking your trash with you:

  • The Galapagos Islands (Ecuador). Charles Darwin

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Tips For Enjoying Eco-Friendly Travel

Tips For Enjoying Eco-Friendly Travel

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