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Sports Activities

As part of our Personal Interest section here on Affordable Travel’s smorgasbord of vacations, we have included Sports Activities thanks to the high demand for ideas. Sports-minded people still enjoy getting a workout, riding their bikes or hiking the trails; anything that ensures they are active and fit while on holiday. Some serious sports folks make their entire vacation plans based on such activities. Here is what we’ll deliver to you as we continue to develop and grow this section of our website:

  • Biking. Where to find the world’s best biking holidays, be that through the Bordeaux wine region, along a woodland trail, or across and island. We’ll include biking tour groups and places for bike rentals.
  • Car Racing & Rallies. Not as a spectator sport, but something you’re involved with? Ever been winter ice racing in Minden, Ontario, Canada? Or have you always dreamed of being involved in the Dakar Rally (check for more information)?
  • Diving. Full gear or snorkel, we’ll tell you where some of the best (and best-kept secret) diving sites are around the globe, and where to rent gear locally.
  • Fishing. Want a salmon from the Margaree River? Or a halibut from the Atlantic Ocean? Prefer a more modest striped bass from an inland lake? We’ll help you plan and execute your ideal fishing vacation.
  • Flying. What gives you wings? Whether it’s hang-gliding, single engine aircraft, gliders or helicopters, we can help you find places to fly for fun, and where the scenery unfolds beneath your wings.
  • Golfing. It can be an adjunct to your vacation in Myrtle Beach or Pebble Beach, or the all-consuming passion for your golf-driven vacation to St. Andrews, Scotland, or Fox Harb’r, Nova Scotia. We’ll fill you in about the holes in one of golf packages.
  • Hiking. Follow us down the hiking trails of the world to introduce you to new vistas and horizons that will inspire you to keep on hiking.
  • Kayaking. Perhaps the most personal form of boating, kayaking con be a solitary ride through the early morning of the seaside, or a flotilla of friends, paddling their way through gorgeous shorelines and past stunning scenery.
  • Motorcycle Trips & Meets. Two wheels and an open road. If that’s what appeals to your idea of a great vacation, we’ll help you find fascinating places the ride through and to! And we’ll keep you up to speed on motorcycle events and gatherings everywhere.
  • Rafting & Tubing. Family fun or dangerous distraction? Both and neither! Let us take you down bucolic rivers where everyone in the family can relax back in an inner tube and glide along. If that’s too slow for your ambitions, we’ll virtually tour you to some of the best and thrilling whitewater rafting locales on the plant. Hold on!
  • Sailing. This special category deals with three aspects of “delivery”. We’ll help you plan a vacation on a sailboat that gives you transportation and accommodations combined in one general location, help you find amazing places where you can take your own sailboat and tour about, and give you options for sailing cruises from wherever you might be staying on your holiday.
  • Skiing. There’s always snow somewhere, so a ski vacation can be had any time of the year. Or would you rather water ski? We’ll cover that, too. Down hill, cross-country, or wet. We’ve got your ski vacation.
  • Skydiving & Bungee Jumping. That’s okay; we’ll just watch. And we’ll assist in finding the right places, equipment and instructors to make the most of your, um, ambitions…
  • Surfing. You probably already know (or think you do) about the best surfing beaches on earth, but we also know of a few more obscure ones in places that just might surprise you.
  • Tennis & Racquet Sports. Often integral to great resorts, but also found in other facilities, too, we’ll track down great places to play tennis outdoors, or any other type of racquet sports, from squash to badminton, on indoor courts.

As we grow and add to Affordable Travel’s Sports Activities that you might want to include in your vacation, we’ll write about more and more varieties of sports activities for your perusal. If you have a favorite sport that you enjoy on vacation, let us know what it is and where you like to do it. Sharing with other readers will only help to expand this section of the website and make t a better place to visit.

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