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The world loves to travel. Ask anyone what they’d like to do with their time off, vacation time, retirement years, sabbatical between high school and university or for their wedding, and they all say the same thing: Travel. It’s epidemic!

The poet Ezra Pound (1881-1972) spoke to our deepest sensibilities about being somewhere else when he wrote, “Yet longing comes upon him to fare forth on the water.” And “The heart turns to travel so that he then thinks on flood-ways to be far departing.” Ezra knew. So do you. And so do we.

To travel is to live a dream. Travel enables us to understand the global village, that we are, as human beings, more similar than different, and yet to experience the uniqueness of culture and country in a hands-on, unforgettable way. Travel is our ticket to the satisfaction of being human, and to satisfying our endless curiosity. It’s the source of great memories and stunning photographs that we share generation after generation. We are worlds apart, but travel is the tie that binds us together.

You would think that with the advent of the internet, there would be more armchair travelers, but that’s not what has happened. The inspiration that is found on the internet and feeds people’s imaginations results in their traveling for real, not just virtually.

Travel, be that local, national or international, is a $103-trillion (yes, trillion!) a year industry. It’s about dream weddings, great vacations, escapes, restoring good health, repairing relationships, connecting with friends, healing, education and experience, business, and just plain fun.

Travel can be expensive, but we have insider knowledge of how you can travel affordably. If you use our website to get affordable travel vacations and business trips, the formula is simple: the less you pay, the more trips you can fit into your travel budget!

At Affordable Travel, we aim to be your “go-to” source before you go anywhere! We’re compiling the most comprehensive collection of authoritative travel information, tips, ideas and destination details, all written by professional travel writers and other travel experts. Here are some of the things you can expect from your visit to

  • Daring, doable and diverse destinations. We’ll bring you news on trends and classics in travel, with great ideas about traveling on a budget to countries and cities that will tantalize your senses, or to places where you need to go for business, but can capitalize on your time away to fit in a little sight-seeing. We’ll tell you all about the best destinations in business travel, weddings and vacations, from resorts to the great and often little-known beaches of the world. Boy, do we have beaches! Tropical beaches, volcanic beaches, black or white or red beaches, clothing-optional beaches, beaches in forests, beaches on rivers or lakes, secret beaches, beaches made for weddings. Beaches in cities and in remote places. Whatever your destination, we’ve got the scoop. And if all you know is that you want to get out of town, we have thousands of suggestions and ideas to inspire you. Going somewhere? At Affordable Travel, you can get it all together.
  • All about accommodations. Do you love the personal attention and glamour of a top-notch grand hotel? Or the intimacy of a beach hut? The friendliness of a locally-run B&B or the solitude of a remote campground? From inns to hostels, and from resorts to motels, we’ve got the roof over your head covered, even if that’s a blanket of stars. Only a small part of your trip is getting there; where you stay can make or break your memories of your vacation or business trip. Start with us and learn before you take off! It’s possible to snag a four- or five-star hotel for a song. If that level of luxury appeals to you, but you’re on a tight budget, then try one of our favorite ideas: book one night of your vacation in the best hotel you can find and locate a budget motel, inn or campground for the remainder of your stay; you won’t have to lie when you tell your friends you stayed at The Ritz! We have all kinds of clever ideas like that and we’ll share them all with you. You deserve affordable travel!
  • Flights of fancy, fantasy, and just getting from point A to point B at the most affordable price. Air travel isn’t what it used to be but there’s a trend these days to greater civility and better service among airlines. The best flights are not always the most expensive, and not only will we ensure you know what flights go out of what airports, but we’ll help you stretch your travel budget but alerting you to the best days and times to book flights and to travel, the cheapest airline tickets and the airlines that offer service and value. You’ll love our flight tracker service, our information about airplanes and fleets, and interesting facts about flight. We’ll have expert travel advice from veteran flyers and insider tips on getting cheap airline tickets. For example, we have discovered a wonderful smaller airline, extremely focused on good service, that serves most of central and eastern Canada, with flights between Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax; it also goes into the U.S.A., to cities such as Myrtle Beach, Washington DC, New York, Boston and Chicago. The moment one of its seat sales ends, another one starts. Check it out: You’re welcome!
  • Vacation variations with value. Trust our thorough information when you are looking to plan a vacation, be that an individual vacation, a group holiday, or a an all-inclusive family getaway. As many vacation variations as there can be, we’ll have coverage of all sorts. You’ll get the goods on cruises, packages, last-minute vacation deals, honeymoons, resorts, and places you perhaps never thought of. And we’ll provide information from locals who can give you lost of best places to visit while you’re there. Heading to Thailand? Our writers have been there; some have even lived there. Stay tuned for the hottest tips on Thailand travel today.
  • Types of trips, from biking through Burgundy to eco-travel in Ecuador. Going on a vacation? A honeymoon? A business trip? Heading to a major rock concert or maybe the Olympics? It’s easy to think of a “trip” as jus going somewhere, but there are dozens of types of trips, and we’ve got the scoop on the unique travel experience that belongs to you. Learn about eco-travel, adventure travel, and extreme travel options, of that’s your outdoorsy sensibility. Check out the options for travel if you’re a senior, a single, a couple or a family; we have it all. If you want experiential travel such as photography safaris or fantasy treks, we’ll find the one that suits you best. And we’ll zero in on the ones that are most affordable. Whether you plan to ski, hike, bike, or drive, count on us to help show the way. Your trip type may consistently match your personality (laid back and relaxed or full of adventure), or you may prefer to try a different trip type every single time you travel. Just when you thought you had all kinds of trips down pat, we’ll suggest something thrilling and new. The world may feel small, but its options for travel are virtually endless.
  • Events that excite and entertain. When your favorite bad plays half way across the world, or your team has made it to the finals, you can hop and plane and be there in person as the big event unfolds. Maybe it has been your lifelong dream to attend the Formula 1 race in Monte Carlo, or to cheer with your countrymen at the summer Olympics. There’s nothing to stop you. Get there affordably and be part of the action. How about a rock ‘n’ roll legends cruise of the Caribbean, or your favorite opera star’s final performance at La Scala? The world soccer championships, or your son’s hockey tournament in another city? Your daughter’s wedding on the Italian coast or a world peace rally in London? Event travel combines the pleasures of getting away from the routines of life, and a major moment that has been a dream or promises to be a life highlight. We’ll help you get there, find tickets, and enjoy your stay. When you travel to witness and event, your trip can be an event in itself!
  • Trippers travel guide. There is s a lot of information you need to have on hand before you catch that flight or hop in your car to go on vacation or any other trip. Will you need a passport or a visa or both? What is the accepted currency n the place you are visiting. It is safe or has there been a travel advisory issued against it? Even the most adventurous of adventure travelers have a list of must-knows! And the further from home you go, the more you need to know to ensure your trip is memorable for all the right reasons. We’ll let you know the ins and outs of travel insurance, where to find your national embassy, and what kind of driving license you’ll need for international car rentals. Are you collecting points? We can help you figure out the loyalty rewards program that works best for you, even down to which credit card will suit your travel needs best. Ask us to help you locate the tourist bureau at your destination, and get tips on the lesser-known but awesome attractions. The information you need is here. So, don’t trip when you travel!
  • Attractive attractions. The journey may be half the fun, but once you get to your destination, what is there happening that you can see or do? Here’s where you can find a litany of things that are just fabulous to observe or fun to get involved with. From galleries and museums to amusement parks and sports. See it all, do it all and take home a fabulous collection of memories from all the attractions you visit on your trip. Start exploring your options right here!
  • Dining and wining (but not whining…). You’ve got to eat, so why take a chance on an iffy meal (especially when you’re not in the comfort of your own home) in a foreign land when you can learn abut dining options here first. We’ll let you know the types of cuisine, the approximate pricing, the location, and even reviews, when they are available. Don’t let a great trip become a bad memory thanks to a bad dining experience; visit our dining guide and make plans for great meals every time.

Other Perks from Affordable Travel

On top of all that, we have pertinent travel information that will be fun, easy and useful as you plan your trip, and as you travel. Have a look at these:

  • Our FAQ section will enable you to learn from the questions posed by other travelers, and learn what they found out. Like, how they hitched a ride across Morocco, for instance! A camel or a Jeep? Can’t remember the name of a street in Paris or the airport at Halifax? Ask your question, if you can’t see it already among our FAQs.
  • Glossary. Think you know every travel-related word in the book? How about “junket” (a short trip or journey, an outing or excursion) or a “viaticum (travel allowance)? Are you a wayfarer on an odyssey? Find out in our glossary of travel terms. It may even help you finish that crossword in the airline’s magazine!
  • Want to know how others rate travel experiences? Find out what is at the top of their lists in our Top Ten Travel Treats. From the highest mountains in the world to the cheapest beach resorts, we’ve got a top ten to tell you how it’s rated.

No one is immune from the lure of travel. It enriches us, makes the extremes of our planet seem smaller and more cohesive, and it teaches like no other experience can demonstrate. Without travel it’s all theory.

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” Robert Louis Stevenson, Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes

A life lived within a few miles of where you were born is a life not fully lived. There’s no need to limit yourself completely from the sirens that call you to see other places, new faces, and lands and cultures; if you plan well. Save carefully, budget wisely, and use our travel guide website to find affordable flights, vacations, destinations, trip types, accommodations and events, and you will find your life rich with magic.

So, fly with us in your dreams and on your computer before you set foot in an aircraft. Let your imagination tour Affordable Travels in the comfort of your home so that you can plan in as much detail as you need before you book your trip or vacation. Use our pertinent and current information to make your travel plans come together simply, and affordably, ensuring your travel budget is never compromised. The more you save, the more places you can go, and not just in your imagination!

Welcome to Affordable Travel. We’re pleased to have you on board. So buckle up and let’s soar!