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About Us

Welcome to the world of travel at Affordable Travel. Our mission is simple: to enable you to travel more for less, so that your vacation or business travel budget enables you to get to more places for the same money. From super cheap airline tickets to free hotel rooms, we have researched what’s out there in the multi-billion dollar travel industry, and we pass that information on to you through lively articles and a database of crucial information, such as flights, airline tickets and accommodations.

We established our website in 2000, and our plan was to be your main resource for discount travel. We’ve expanded our mandate because we know that there are all kinds of travelers in the world. There are ones who fly somewhere almost every week, perhaps on business or for the joy of retirement living, and others who plan meticulously for a once-a-year cherished vacation with a spouse, friends or family. We even received a letter from a couple who picked 25 places they want to see, and are visiting one a year for the next 25 years!

Travel matters to people. It enables us to see the world through experience and not just the mainstream media. All kinds of people have the ability to decide on Friday that they are going to pick up and go somewhere for the weekend, but most of us plan our vacations well in advance, and that is why we exist. Affordable Travel is where you can begin to explore, virtually, the place you want to see in person, and to start to assemble the ideas, methods and costs before you take the next step of booking your trip.

In the articles we offer, together with the data we assemble, you can dream your vacation dream, honeymoon, wedding, beach holiday, business trip, or whatever type of travel you want, and then use our information to put together the components, and to do that at the best possible price. You might be surprised at how much cheap travel is available to you, even to places you think would cost a fortune! If you have the knowledge and are savvy about how you book your travel, you can find deals and discounts on travel every day and throughout the world.

Affordable Travel’s website is ordered to make it easy for you to search for what you are looking for, or to simply explore places in the world to see what tickles your fancy. We can entertain the armchair traveler who is content to travel in their mind, or assist the keen hands-on traveler who decides where to go and just does it!

Our aim is to provide well-crafted content that not only is entertaining to read, but also helps you organize and book your trip, together with beautiful photographs that will inspire you to visit any of the amazing places this planet has to offer, from a remote mountain village to the longest tropical beach there is, and from a historic realm to a modern city. The choice is yours! And once the plan is in place, we’ll guide you to the locales you’ll need to get your trip booked and paid for at the lowest possible fare.

Of course, the world of travel is nothing less than epic, so our website will continue to grow over time. Our team of professional travel writers and editors has new content arriving on the site almost daily. So, please visit Affordable Travel every day to see what’s new! And please use the tools we provide to help you plan and book your next vacation or business trip. Travel can be affordable!