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Where in the world do you want to travel?


Pick your spot and let Affordable Travel take you there in your mind (and on-line) before you make your decision to really go! We have broken down our Destinations section into sub-categories that our readers have told us they want to see, areas on travel that speak to them, places that might be the destinations of their dreams, and yours!

City Guides

Most people who are thinking of places to travel on vacation consult travel guides for either resort destinations, international travel or specific cities that they would like to visit. Of course, a city-based vacation is a totally different experience from a vacation at a beach resort, but the two can be combined for maximum vacation pleasure. For example, a few days exploring the food, arts, architecture and music of Havana is a great start or finish to a few days or a week at a Varadero resort. Ditto a city like Lisbon, Portugal, which is in short distance to terrific beach resorts. And there are cities such as Cape Town, South Africa, and Sydney, Australia, that are built around expanses of beach and ocean.

The key is that cities have international airports, and that makes them highly accessible. Our City Guides will remind you of the world’s best cities to visit, explore, dine in, and where you can be entertained, and we will introduce you to some that you perhaps didn’t consider. Do you know the wonders of Warsaw? The harbor at Halifax? The avenues of Amara? There are about 3,200 cities in the world with populations of more than 100,000, but there are also thousands of smaller cities, such as Stratford, Ontario, Canada, with a population of just over 30,000, but with the amenities of a much larger city; this is home to the Stratford Festival, the second largest repertory theater festival in the world!

Affordable Travel’s City Guides will take you on a virtual journey to the small, medium and large cities of the world, to places you have always dreamed of seeing (like Paris, London and New York), to possibly lesser known but nonetheless magical cities (like Québec City, Livorno and Montevideo. Explore the richness of culture, history, business, architecture and culinary traditions that are unique to each city. By reading our City Guides before you venture forth, you’ll be equipped with the requisite knowledge to ensure that you know:

  • where to stay and where to eat
  • what attractions to see
  • how to get from the airport to your accommodations
  • languages spoken and currency used
  • climate and customs
  • entertainment and shopping
  • activities and fun for children
  • parks and neighborhoods worth exploring
  • the best day trips
  • getting around within the city
  • locations of tourist offices
  • sports events and other spectacles
  • festivals and special events
  • the favorites of locals
  • landmarks, and more

Let Affordable Travel be your travel advisor to the cities of the world. Before you pack your bags, you’ll know what to expect and how to make the most of a city vacation or business trip (add a day or two on to each end of your business trip and make the most of it!).


What is more appealing in the dead of winter than a fantasy of a tropical beach vacation? It warms you up to even think of a beach, sunshine, surf and sand. Ahhhhh. After all, the world is mostly water, so there are beaches everywhere! On oceans, lakes and rivers. And there is simply something so perfect about feeling the water lap around your feet, the sand sifting through your toes, and the scent of salt water… Don’t you wish you could be enjoying a beach vacation right now?

We’ll show you the most popular beaches and beach resorts in the world, as well as some more obscure beaches, hidden away and private. You will be able to learn about beach resorts and beach wedding destinations, beach animals and neat stuff like how shells and coral come to exist, and the problem of “vanishing” beaches. Find out about the undulation of tides, and what dangers may lurk at your dream beach; being knowledgeable helps you enjoy the beaches of the world without risk.

Are you in the mood for Florida beaches (like Miami Beach)? Or maybe Virginia Beach? Myrtle Beach? Those are just in the U.S.A.! How about the beaches of the south of France, or the beach resorts in Sicily? Or a Pacific beach in Mexico? We can help you locate cheap beach vacations and all inclusive resorts, or quiet, secluded beaches perfect for an intimate gathering or beach wedding. We know all the best beaches and a few secret ones, too! You’ll find details about global beaches, right down to the color of the sand, the local climate, and whether the beach is in a city, town or wilderness area. Explore our beach pictures and then decide where you want to go for your beach vacation.


What’s your preference? The cultural countries of Europe, such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Greece? How about the exotic countries of Africa, such as Egypt, Morocco, Cape Verde, Madagascar and Mozambique? Have you thought of checking out the unique small countries of Southeast Asia; Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and The Philippines? What about the lands of what used to be called “The Orient”, now commonly known as Central and East Asia, the like of China, South Korea and Japan?

There are 192 countries that are members of the United Nations, plus the Vatican, but with uprisings changing the political face of geography almost daily, there could be as many as 250 self-declared countries on the planet. Many of the countries are worth seeing as part of, for example, a European countries tour, if you have the time, or a dedicated one-country vacation. It gives you the opportunity to absorb a specific culture and language, and to explore in-depth. Countries the size of the U.S.A., Canada and Russia, are not likely to happen in the course of a week or two on vacation, but most global countries are small enough to cover reasonably during that timeframe of vacation.

Affordable Travel will provide you with country maps, customs, accepted currencies, and insider details that you’ll need to know to make an informed decision as to what country you want to visit. The world of international travel isn’t just exciting, but also mind-boggling, so let us help you separate the good from the not-so-good countries where you can best spend your vacation time and money.

Whatever the nature of your trip, be that a wedding, a honeymoon, a business trip, a family holiday, or a spa getaway, you’ll find the countries of the world have what you want and need; find them here first. Discover the world’s top travel countries, destination by destination, written up by our experienced travel writers and local journalists who are on location.

Luxury Travel & Spas

We’re not talking the day spa in your neighborhood here, we mean luxury spas with highly qualified staff where you stay for a week, or more, to lose weight, relearn nutrition, cleanse and purify, and be pampered. Sounds expensive? Not all of them are, and there are ways to find affordable spa destinations that give you all the bells and whistles, but don’t dent your wallet (well, not too badly!).

From desert destination spas to tropical paradises, and even wellness spas where you can ride horses (giddy up!) or enjoy yoga (namaste!) every day if you so desire. The objective of spa destinations is that you don’t need another vacation when you’re done, but you return home feeling completely rested and restored, ready to take on the daily grind again, with renewed energy and balance. From the rugged mountains of British Columbia to the parched deserts of Arizona to the lush luxury of Tahiti, we’ll help you to find your perfect spa destination, the one that will nourish your body and soul.

Here are some of the spa resorts and spa features we will introduce you to:

  • all inclusive spa resorts
  • spa vacation packages
  • detox spa resorts
  • spa specials
  • spa treatments
  • special spa services
  • massage spa destinations
  • wellness spa packages
  • spa resorts with individual hot tubs
  • spa retreats for couples
  • spa therapy destinations
  • luxury spa resorts
  • spa vacations for families
  • spa experiences for women
  • spa vacations with yoga camps

A spa vacation or spa package does double-duty for your travel budget; it gives you serious downtime as well as a holiday away from it all. Everybody has gone on vacation and come back more stressed and tired than before they left, so why not let a spa resort vacation bring you back to life, body, mind and soul!

Think all luxury travel is fiscally out of reach for your budget? Not necessarily. There are ways to indulge in luxury for less, and we’ll show you how. By using travel rewards and last minute travel, among other nifty techniques, you can find the lap of luxury in your lap! Everyone has a different definition of what constitutes luxury. This varies between individuals and cultures, so if you’re a North American or European, you might find that a luxury hotel or vacation package in a more obscure (but nonetheless fascinating) location will suit your wallet and your desires.

Currencies have a profound effect on luxury travel. Paying American or Canadian dollars, Euros, or British pounds ensures your travel dollar goes further in some other countries. Let us help you find the ideal and idyllic location where your budget can stretch into the most luxurious vacation you can imagine!

Extreme Locations

According to a recent survey, when Americans were asked where they could travel on a vacation if money was no option, the majority chose Italy. We can relate, but there are thousands of what we are labeling “extreme” locations that give you more than a glass of Barolo and a platter of cheese and bread in a palzzao.

Extreme locations are usually not for the faint of heart. Some are situated in third-world nations, like Bangladesh (fabulous beaches!), countries in strife (that changes frequently in the modern political landscape), very isolated locales (like Antarctica) and places like deserts or the hottest spot on earth (Dallol, Ethiopia in Africa). Pretty soon, extreme travel may mean a trip to the moon or Mars!

For now, earthbound for those of us who are not billionaires, an extreme location may serve as a once-in-a-lifetime destination, but you’ll never forget it! We have ideas for extreme locations you might want to visit, ones that you’ll never likely see twice, and that will leave an indelible mark on your travel memories, but maybe your soul, too.


The majority of us live in cities, but even the rest, residing in rural vicinities, always seem to dream of escaping to an island, to get away from it all and experience total relaxation. Of course, not all islands are tropical, and some are quite large, but islands stick in our dreams and keep nudging us when we are making vacation plans.

There are roughly 180,500 islands on this planet. Some are large and boast major cities; some are tiny and uninhabited. Others still vanish at high tide, so small are they and so affected by the oceans. Some islands are accessed by boat or ferry, and others by plane, and a few, like prince Edward Island in eastern Canada, can be driven to thanks to the Confederation Bridge. The smaller islands of the world offer a place of quietude where we can park on a beach and have a real time out from our busy lives; others offer touring and history to allow of a perfect holiday complement.

Cuba is a wildly popular Caribbean Island for Canadian winter tourists, but a lot of travelers head to this island just for the beaches and hot sun. There’s much more to Cuba than beach resorts. Havana is a vibrant city with an architectural base that enchants the most avid photographers. The Cuban food and music is world-class. The interior boasts spectacular scenery. That’s our aim: to tell you all about island destinations so that you get the most out of your island vacation, and get the chance to consider island you may never have thought of, or even heard of!


When you think about it, during the course of an average lifetime, you will likely have about 75 to 150 chances to go on vacation, or roughly twice a year. When you’re a child, you will pretty much have to go where your parents takes you (you probably want Disney World and they probably don’t!), but that still leaves you perhaps 100 times when you get to choose your travel destination.

What’s on your travel bucket list? Long stretches of tropical beaches? An all inclusive spa where you can go totally Zen for a whole week? Family resorts filled with fun and activity? Taking your first go at a clothing optional vacation? A long weekend of theatre and fine dining in a top city destination? A month of bliss touring a country like Italy or France? It’s your world, and the world is your oyster. Let Affordable Travel take you to the destination of your dreams.

And remember to visit us often. Not only do we constantly add new articles and pictures, we also update our multitude of categories with new ones as travel trends and opportunities emerge. Bon voyage!

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