California Lighthouse

Situated strategically on the northwest tip (near Arashi Beach) of the Caribbean Lesser Antilles island of Aruba, a Netherlands possession, the California Lighthouse was named in honour of the ship of the same name that was tragically wrecked just off shore in September 1891.

The lighthouse was erected in 1916 to help prevent future disasters, and enjoyed a full refurbishment 100 years later, in 2016. The building stands 30 metres (98 feet) tall and has an octagonal base that tapers as it rises.

Aruba is largely desert, and as such the terrain around the lighthouse, given the prevailing winds, is sparse, sandy and very rocky. It is recommended that explores of the area wear hiking boots or thick-soled shoes rather than typical tropical sandals.

Given that Aruba is a small island, and attractions and activities are fairly contained, the California Lighthouse makes for a fine day’s outing. Adjacent to the lighthouse, visitors will find a very good place to eat, the White Lighthouse Restaurant. And nearby is situated the popular Tierra del Sol Resort, Spa and Country Club. Make a day of it!

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Arashi Weather

Local Temp: 27.8℃ / 82℉

High: 28℃ / 82.4℉

Low: 27.8℃ / 82℉

Humidity 88 %

Local Time: 23:29

Sunrise: 10:13

Sunset: 11:01