Did You Know?

Did you know that Nova Scotia is a peninsula located on the eastern coast of Canada? It is one of the Maritime provinces and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Nova Scotia's name means "New Scotland" in Latin, reflecting its Scottish heritage.

Did you know that Nova Scotia is a major producer of seafood, particularly lobster? The province's coastal waters are rich in seafood, making Nova Scotia renowned for its fresh and delicious seafood dishes. Lobster fishing is a vital industry, and visitors can indulge in mouthwatering lobster feasts.

Did you know that Nova Scotia has a rich history in relation to the Titanic? Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, played a significant role in the aftermath of the Titanic tragedy in 1912. Many of the victims and survivors were brought to Halifax, and several cemeteries in the city are the final resting places of Titanic passengers.

Did you know that Nova Scotia is known for its picturesque coastal scenery and charming fishing villages? The province is dotted with idyllic coastal communities, such as Peggy's Cove, Lunenburg, and Cape Breton Island's Cabot Trail. These areas offer stunning vistas, rugged cliffs, and a glimpse into the region's maritime heritage.

Did you know that Nova Scotia is home to the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides in the world? The Bay of Fundy experiences tidal ranges that can exceed 16 meters (52 feet), creating a fascinating natural phenomenon. Visitors can witness the dramatic tide changes and explore the unique coastal landscapes.

Experience Wildlife And Nature At Shubenacadie Provincial Park

Introduction to Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park

Set in the heart of Nova Scotia, Canada, the Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park offers its visitors a unique opportunity to discover and appreciate the diverse flora and fauna of the region. Covering an area of over 40 hectares, the park is home to a wide variety of native and exotic species, including mammals, birds, and reptiles. The Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park was established in 1951 and has since dedicated itself to promoting wildlife conservation and education, as well as providing a recreational space and a memorable experience for its visitors. The park is managed by the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables and relies on the support of staff, volunteers, and the local community.

The Animals of Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park

The Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park is home to over 90 species of animals, both native to Nova Scotia and from other parts of the world. Some of the most notable native animals include moose, black bears, bobcats, red foxes, Canada lynx, and white-tailed deer. Other charismatic species such as the Arctic fox, snowy owl, and the eastern cougar, no longer native to Nova Scotia, are also part of the park's collection. Visitors can also experience the enchanting world of reptiles and amphibians, featuring snakes, turtles, and frogs.

Among the exotic species found at the park are the playful Sika deer from Asia, the imposing African serval, the impressive Eurasian eagle-owl, and the iconic emu from Australia. The diversity of animals at the park allows visitors to immerse themselves in different ecosystems and to better appreciate the world's biodiversity.

Exhibits and Displays at the Park

The Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park features numerous enclosures and displays which cater to the needs of different species while providing a comprehensive educational experience for visitors. Some of the park's most popular exhibits are:

The Wetland Center: This exhibit is dedicated to showcasing the rich biodiversity of wetlands and the important ecological role they play. Visitors will find species such as beavers, otters, and herons, all thriving in their natural habitats.

The Birds of Prey Area: In this section of the park, visitors can witness the majesty of raptors like bald eagles, golden eagles, and red-tailed hawks. The exhibit also emphasizes the role of these birds in maintaining ecosystem balance and the importance of conservation efforts.

The Reptile and Amphibian House: The park's collection of reptiles and amphibians provides a unique learning opportunity for visitors to discover the intriguing world of these cold-blooded creatures. Guests can expect to see an assortment of snakes, frogs, and turtles, including the rare eastern ribbon snake and the endangered Blanding's turtle.

The Farm: A perennial favorite among families, this exhibit features a variety of domestic farm animals such as goats, sheep, and chickens, as well as a petting zoo. Visitors can interact with the animals and learn about farming practices, animal care, and the origin of some of their favorite products.

Visitor Experience and Amenities

Visitors to the Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park can expect a comprehensive and entertaining experience, regardless of their age or interests. The park offers the following amenities:

Walking Trails: Visitors can explore the park at their own pace by following the network of well-maintained trails. The trails meander through the park's different exhibits and provide a relaxing, scenic stroll through Nova Scotia's natural landscape.

Interpretive Panels and Educators: Throughout the park, there are informative displays and interpretive panels that contextualize and provide valuable information about the various species found within. Additionally, knowledgeable park educators are available to answer questions and provide fascinating insights into the animals' behavior and ecology.

Playground: The park features a spacious playground equipped with swings, slides, climbing structures, and more to provide a fun, imaginative experience for children of all ages.

Picnic Areas: The park offers numerous picnic areas complete with tables and barbecue facilities, making it the perfect destination for a family gathering or a day trip with friends.

Wheelchair Accessibility: Shubenacadie Wildlife Park is committed to providing an accessible experience for all visitors. The park has accessible parking, washrooms, and a ramp to access the Wetland Center. Maps are also available to indicate the most wheelchair-friendly routes.

Support and Collaboration at Shubenacadie Wildlife Park

The park relies on the cooperation and efforts of many stakeholders, including the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables, private sponsors, and dedicated volunteers. The Shubenacadie Wildlife Park is not only a place for recreation and entertainment but also a significant contributor to the growth and development of the community. By visiting and supporting the park, visitors contribute directly to wildlife conservation efforts and the education of future generations about the importance of preserving the natural world.


Nestled in Nova Scotia's lush landscape, the Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park offers unforgettable encounters with nature's captivating creatures. Whether visiting for the engaging education, thrilling exhibits, or a leisurely afternoon spent exploring the verdant grounds, Shubenacadie Wildlife Park is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who venture into its enchanting realms.

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